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RV Intel/Thoughts/News - All Posts for February 23, 2017

Below is a list of all of the content posted for Thursday, February 23, 2017. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed somet...

Friday, February 24, 2017

Website Update - A Special Thanks to Everyone

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone. Thank you so much for all of the love you have shown. You are all the Light of Dinar Chronicles and to Mother Earth. I am forever grateful and It is always a pleasure to be of service to all of you.

We are on the final stretch of this journey. Let's finish it together.

Thank you for choosing us.

~ Dinar Chronicles

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 24, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 24 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 24 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Since this may be my final report, or close to it, I have included a summary about a global elite connection to child exploitation that is finally being addressed. Please help me save ritually abused children by reading at the end of this report: "The GCR, CIA, Global Elites and International Child Exploitation Rings"

It has been a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to our new life dedicated to serving others. Kindest, Judy Byington

A. Last week's Intel:

1. Last week reported screen rates: Dinar $3.64, Dong $2.21, Zim floating above $1.70.

2. Today Feb. 23 rates were reported higher on the Zim, like a non NDA Zim rate was now 7 cents higher.

3. Today Feb. 23 market rates on the Dinar and Dong were substantially higher than their international rates.

4. Today Feb. 23 the reported in-country rates on the Dinar was close to $5, while the Dinar screen rate was four times higher than before.

5. The Zim was a bond, not a currency and therefore at least 80% of the Zim exchange must be dedicated to humanitarian purposes.

6. As long as you have Zim and a plan for humanitarian work you can negotiate for higher rates on that Zim, plus can negotiate on your other currencies.

7. If you agree to less than $1.00 rate on the Zim, there is no NDA.

8. However, most Zim exchanges will be paid out in structured settlements.

9. The banks want to keep their programs and rates proprietary so all structured settlements will require signing an NDA.

10. There will be two 800#s. The first 800# you call you will get the second 800#s - which is specific to you and will follow you throughout your exchange.

11. The FBI has sent out 13 teams to arrest certain reporters of the mainstream media for changing intel and thus putting the Trump administration in danger.

12. The Cabal has planned worldwide riots on April 15.

13. There are NSA investigations on the FBI and CIA investigations on the NSA.

14. For the last several weeks authorities have been arresting drug dealers.

15. Authorities will be arresting certain political and global elites around mid March.

16. Court Martial trials begin in March.

B. Feb. 23 2017 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. The Global Currency Reset started yesterday afternoon on Feb. 22 2017.

2. The GCR rollout was put on a complicated system that cannot be stopped and is continuing to go as of right now.

3. According to IMF head Christine Legarde the GCR began in London at 1:00 pm EST today Feb. 23 2017.

4. The GCR process was started in the US as of 5 pm EST today Feb. 23 2017.

5. Today Feb. 23 2017 there were baskets of bonds that were made liquid in addition to those which have already been made active.

6. This process may take several days to complete.

7. US Sec. of the Treasury Mnuchin will announce the new rainbow currency before the gold-backed currency goes public on Tues. Feb. 28.

8. Announcements are scheduled for tonight, tomorrow and (the main stream media) on Saturday.

9. On Tues. Feb. 28 President Trump will address both bodies of Congress, which is the same day Tues. Feb. 28 that the public is scheduled to start their redemptions and the same day Tues. Feb. 28 that the Forex is scheduled to open with the new currency rates.

10. The new currency is already at the banks and redemption centers ($100 bills in stacks of $2,500).

11. Redemption centers remain on active status.

12. The Zim redeemers will be brought in first.

13. Over the last 4-5 days the GCR was rolled out and then stopped three times. This was done to catch certain dishonest people. Over 1200 arrests took place.

14. The Ruphia, Dinar, Zim, Dong, Rial are in the first basket.

15. Rates are higher on the Zim. The non-NDA Zim rate is now 7 cents higher

16. The market rates on Dinar and Dong are substantially higher than their international rates.

17. The in-country rates on the Dinar is close to $5, while the Dinar screen rate is 4 times higher.

18. In the past Obama stopped this rollout 115 times, while President Trump is doing everything in his power to move the GCR through and get it done now.

19. In Iraq things have occured in the liberation of Mosul - 400 troops have gone door to door to take ISIS out. Three days ago the banks in Mosul and the airport were up and running. Some main stream media have reported Mosul liberation, but the announcement is expected to take place on Saturday Feb. 25.

20. On humanitarian projects: Bruce is doing Rebuild America in all 50 states. You can adopt a city, town or a subdivision and work on infrastructure, housing, education, etc. rebuilding American one family, or neighborhood at a time.

C. Feb. 23 2017 4:16 pm EST Intel Situation Report "Go": "Zou " - Intel SITREP - 16:00 EST - Thursday - February 23, 2017

1. The "Go" authorization General Dunford has been waiting on has arrived.

2. Even the Trump Administration doesn't know when Dunford will release the 800 numbers, but he controls all the assets, along with the blessing to begin.

3. There were 18 other markets which also received this same blessing today, at different times, with similar release meanings.

4. Also today, Thurs. Feb. 23 2017, several rumored release windows came and went.

5. So patiently we wait. And wait. And wait, until we never have to wait again.

6. It's been a great honor to serve this community. Enjoy your life. God is with us.

D. Feb. 23 2017 TNT Update:

RayRen98: Iraqi forces announced that they want to liberate Mosul in 72 hours.

Dbcbil: If I read the update correctly, then the 72 hour clock began sometime Tuesday Feb. 21 2017. Seems to imply that the editing will have been completed by Feb. 24 Friday mid-day Iraq time (in the middle of tonight EST).

Rrrr: Today Trump repeated in a live press conference with Business Leaders, speaking to the Representative from Caterpillar, that "We need to bring the world currencies to a level playing field." I think we are there. It looks like this will happen by March 1 based on everything going on.

E. Feb. 23 2017 Dinar Detectives Ralph: Last night I received a call from a contact - a wealth manager who works on the West Coast. He said they were informed that their organization (a world-wide wealth management firm, not a bank), as well as all the banking institutions, could commence with foreign currency exchanges when the US Treasury gave authorization, scheduled to occur at any time.

F. Feb. 23 2017 2 am EST Intel Situation Report: "Saga" - Intel SITREP - 02:00 EST - Thursday - February 23, 2017 (8)

1. Later this week a public currency announcement is forthcoming from US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and IMF's LeGarde in Washington.

2. Hiding the RV in plain sight is the end game for final release. The New Powers That Be want to publicize the RV for safety's sake of off-site exchanges.

3. There's less than 10,000 people following the RV on-line and/or through conference calls daily. Now everyone comes straight through the front door of a bank branch or off site exchange center.

4. Still no affirmative "go" from Asia, but we know call centers are now hot. So are the 800#s.

5. Since last week multiple nations including here on US soil, have special forces operating in all theaters with shoot to kill orders and a mission that has quickly escalated. They're targeting hidden Cabal leaders tucked away in their hideouts and going "coven hunting."

6. The deep state control and command of the North American Cabal has been wounded beyond repair, and we humbly believe incapable of mounting a serious counter attack. We pray this is true.

7. The release of the RV is the final death blow to the dark nobility of Eastern Europe and Cabal minions throughout western civilization.

8. It is no wonder the Khazar Empire (aka hidden cabal bloodline) went to such extreme lengths to atomize and hide the fact they brought down the twin towers in 2001. That truth is coming out shortly as well.

9. Globally, we're up to 40-45 million currency holders give or take. At last count we had 15,000 plus places to redeem currency in North America alone. Most banks at multiple tier levels are now participating.

10. The RV is no big secret anymore in banking, political or corporate circles. Look at what the market is doing everyday with no rational reason as to why.

G. Feb. 23 2017 7:55 pm EST TNT Chat: "Progressing Very Fast" - Thurs. PM TNT Thoughts/News

Dallred123: Things are progressing very fast. I'm talking hours.

Omnivore: News from Iraq is that ISIS is totally surrounded in Mosul:

H. GCR Summaries of the last 12 days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 23, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 22, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 21, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 20, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 19, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report - February 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 16, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 15, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 13, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 12, 2017

I. The GCR, CIA, Global Elites and International Child Exploitation Rings:

1. Jenny Hill claimed that as a kindergartener in 1965, she was raped, tortured and taken to a Satanic ceremony where she was tied to an alter and made to watch the murder of another six year-old, Kathleen Shea:

2. Hill's six months of subjection to almost daily pedophilia and abuse effectively fractured her thinking into twenty two multiple personalities. This mind control was done by her own father in conjunction with a CIA operative known by other Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors as Dr. Green, or Greenbaum.

3. Last Fall Jenny suddenly passed away prior to breaking news about this very same child exploitation that took place in the Pizzagate Scandle, but not before publishing her 2012 biography "Twenty Two Faces."

4. In a Oct. 26 2013 ABC Channel 4 Special Jenny Hill, author Judy Byington and Hill's therapist, Dr. Weston Whatcott explained her childhood torture:

5. Other media were not so kind. Hill and Byington were mocked on the Dr. Phil Show for Jenny's claims of child abuse and mind control:

6. Yet this same type of severe abuse has been discussed in detail by other Ritual Abuse survivors. Results of two Congressional hearings where adult survivors of this horrendous child abuse testified, have never been released to the public and their allegations were covered up by the mainstream media.

7. This CIA mind control of children began at the end of World War II and was tightly tied into our corrupt monetary system through a CIA black budget that existed even today.

8. The Nov. 13 2010 New York Times reported that Dr. Josef Mengele was among the Nazis given a safe haven in the US through the CIA-sponsored Project Paperclip - a pre-runner to MKULTRA.

9. A mind control program called MKULTRA was begun by the CIA upon import of Nazi trained mind control experts into the US, Canada and Australia after World War II.

10. These Nazis helped design the philosophy behind creation of the CIA in 1954. Their mind control program using children as victims was believed being funded even to the present by US tax dollars for the purpose of developing “Super Spies" and assassins.

11. George H.W. Bush was influential in forming of the CIA and their mind control program MKULTRA and has been named by SRA survivors as their childhood perpetrator.

12. MKULTRA was heavily involved in human experiments to torture children into multiple personalities through Satanic ceremonies of pedophilia and child sacrifices. Global elites including those in the banking system, were known to regularly hold these Satanic child exploitation ceremonies for the purpose of gaining power and privildge.

13. A Canadian mind control victim, now in her mid-sixties, gave heart-wrenching details about child genocide during 2012 hearings at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. She discussed her eyewitness to murders of seven other children during her two year childhood stint at a Canadian Air Force base known as Lincoln Park in Calgary Alberta. She was a victim of a CIA-funded mind control program to develop “Super Spies.”

14. The Brussels ICLCJ court also heard testimonies of eighteen other witnesses to illegal activities of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Children in the CIA mind control program claimed to be victimized by a former Nazi SS doctor referred to as Dr. Green. According to the survivor, the Nazi mind control expert and three Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members were working undercover as Canadian military personnel. children/

15. These human experiments on children were run at the base between 1956 and 1958. On her website the witness gave tribute to children, like her, who were born into and raised in the CIA mind control program MKULTRA. Children ages 2 to 10 “were put to death,” she said, “due to the severity of injuries sustained during the course of human medical experiments.”

16. In both Canada and the US several survivors of the CIA mind control program have identified Nazi mind control expert Josef Mengele as their torturer. He was known by them as a Dr. Green or Greenbaum.

17. Christine Nicola testified about a Dr. Green in 1995 Congressional Hearings on human radiation experiments. In this video the mind control survivor said that beginning at the tender age of four she was terrorized by CIA operatives under the direction of Dr. Green. They were “training” her to be a spy and assassin by subjecting the child to radiation, drugs, electroshock, sexual abuse and mind-control experiments. As he did with Jenny Hill, Dr. Green was able to split her young mind into multiple personalities.

18. Dr. Green evidently tortured another witness of the 1995 hearings. Claudia Mullen stated in this video that she discovered documents where the US government gave Dr. Green 50 million dollars to run the program with the CIA Science Division, CIA Office of Research Development. Mullen said that from her age seven and near Dr. Green’s office, she was given electro shock, radiation, drugs, isolated in a tub of water, sexually abused, endured sleep deprivation, burns and all kinds of emotional and physical abuse. She claimed these atrocities were also performed on countless other children.

19. Jenny Hill of Garden Grove California also claimed to be a victim of Dr. Green’s CIA mind control practices. The CIA claimed they closed MKULTRA in 1964, yet Hill’s torture-programming by Dr. Green began a year later in 1965.

20. In Australia Fiona Barnett also claimed to be a victim of Nazi mind control programming that included Human Hunting Parties where children were raped, hunted down and killed:,264

21. MKULTRA mind control survivor Cathy O'Brien's 1995 testimony before Congress on the CIA mind control of children connected the Reagan/Bush administrations, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and former VP Dick Cheney to child pedophilia. When the mainstream media refused to cover the Congressional hearings O'Brien published her testimony in her book "Transformation of America."

22. Kevin Annett's International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State's carried out a three-year prosecution of global leaders including Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican through six international judges at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels:

23. Such horrendous acts where global elites practiced the sexual abuse and human sacrifice of children was also uncovered in the global Pedogate and local US Pizzagate Scandals PIZZAGATE: A SPECIAL REPORT ON THE WASHINGTON, D.C. PEDOPHILA SCANDAL, Video: Satanic Child Sacrifices and Child Rape -- Save Children's Lives!

24. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani exposed this same ritual abuse of children: Official Statement from Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- PizzaGate Scandal, Pedophile Ring, Fake News, 9/11 Cover-up and More and by way of Giuliani's Twitter Account:

25. On Feb. 22 2017 Ashton Kutcher exposed Pizzagate in his testimony before Congress, while Media remained silent:

26. Some alternative news stories on Pizzagate:

Authorities say 474 people have been arrested in a multiday sting operation focused on human trafficking in California. Sheriff: 474 Arrested in California Human Trafficking Stings, 28 ...

Pedophiles & the Shadow State:

Satanism, Temple of Set & Pedophilia in San Francisco:

Franklin Cover-Up & Johnny Gosch Story David Seaman:

Conspiracy of Silence

27. What can you do to protect children from these sick global elite pedophiles? Educate yourself and others about what is going on.

A. Listen to the latest intel about the global elite's international child exploitation ring on Radio Free Kanata:

B. Donate your time and/or funds to the ITCCS: Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of ... and Operation Underground Railroad: Operation Underground Railroad

C. Research history of the banker connection to Pizzagate and Pedogate: New Republic via GCR -- 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 2-23-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes We are always grateful. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. Welcome all that have just come in and all those who have listened to especially those from the banking community, over 1000 on the call not only from North American, but also banking institutions and financial communities from all over the world who are listening. We are speaking to people from that community and also we are speaking to currency holders who are looking forward to exchanges and the redemption of their ZIM here shortly. We thought we had information that we would be ready to go before now, but it looks like we are very close to a start. Some of the information I going to give you indicates we have our start. I just want to get into that in a minute.

Bruce: I want to thank people who I have heard who have listened to the call last Tuesday, couple nights ago, that were representing our Government and some other important people who are doing their very best to see that this is actually done and actually put into practice this blessing, and actually bring this thing to us. We had some VIP personalities that were tuned in and I want to thank them personally of taking the time to listen in to the call. It means a lot to us because it shows us you are interested in this whole process and interested in what we have on our minds and on our hearts in going forward into humanitarian projects that we have discussed like Rebuild America. I was very pleased to hear that. It was a very positive a bit of information that came to me about that.

Bruce: As far as everything else goes I will say that our new President is very positive about this moving forward. My understanding is that President Trump is actually doing everything in his power which is substantial as we know to move this thing through and get it done now. We are very encouraged to hear that. I just want to pass thanks along to the President.

Bruce: Let’s talk where we are now and what has transpired since Tuesday. Let’s start with Iraq for right now. We know that things have occurred in the liberation of Mosul. We know that there been a number of troops. We know we had as much as 18,400 troops from the United States in there to really push and do a door to door visitation in Western Mosul to take the very last ISIS people out. That exodus was taking place into Syria where we understand Russian special forces and possibly other special forces where there to help them on their way. So that was very positive.

Bruce: We heard 3 days ago now actually that the banks in Mosul were up and running. I believe the Mosul airport is up and running now. Things are returning more toward normal now. I can’t speak of the actual surrounding areas of the city. I don’t know how much work the city needs in terms of infrastructure. I believe it needs a whole lot. At least in the day to day operations from what I understand are back in place.

Bruce: There have been a few little announcements in main stream news here about the restoration of Mosul being taken back which is very positive. I believe of what we are looking for is regarding Iraq is a couple of announcements that may come out on Saturday from what I understand. We are really for some announcements. One is for today or tonight which for sure I don’t know is an announcement is the THE announcement or not. We are looking for one tomorrow and one on Saturday. We think it really is Iraq announcement about Mosul on mainstream news is being held off until probably Saturday. That may be the case. I do not think that has anything to do with our release for us as the internet group let say to go in and begin our redemption process. Keep that in mind.

Bruce: Also it occurred to me today that the President Trump was going to address both bodies of Congress on Tuesday with an announcement. I don’t know what would be included in that. I would say this: Isn’t it interesting that speech on Tuesday is to occur on same day that we believe is the day for the public to start. It is the day we believe that the Forex is to open with new rates unless the Forex is pushed to March 1st. I am not sure. I am hearing the February 28th is the day the public is to start. So that is interesting and it is interesting with the timing for that speech to be made.

Bruce: We have been looking for some type of announcement from the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin regarding a new currency for the United States. We think the new so call Rainbow currency with multi colored different currency will need to be made before it is public. Not sure what the timing is. My understanding is that the new currency is been put in position last week or so in various locations. I believe that the redemption centers would be some of those locations so when we do get the Go-ahead, the new currency is there for us. As I mentioned on Tuesday call from what we understand is that $100 denominations in bundles of $2500. So $2500 bundles so that it can be small stakes of currency we can take as part of our redemption process. You don’t have to take it. You do not have to take it at all, but it is there. You can take $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000. That would be the limit from what I understand for the cash you can take and go and leave with. That amount in stakes of $100”s is not a lot of volume of space of $100 bills. A stake of $100 bills would be an inch high, sort of like that. Not a whole lot. You can easily put those in your briefcase or purse and head on out of the redemption center. Only take the case if you feel comfortable with cash at home or wherever you want to keep it.

Bruce: In terms of timing: We have heard and it is through some information that I have not fully confirmed. I hesitate to say too much about it. Let/s go back. We have understood there have been occasions to roll this out over the last 4 to 5 days that have had attempts of a few hours here in one day, a few hours more the next day, a few more hours the next day. I know the amounts on this. The most important part of this is it was rolled out and stopped three times in a 4 day process. Rolled out and stopped. The reason it was stopped was to catch people that were trying to gain the system. They were trying to take advantage and make money on the system as it was being rolled out and as it was not completed. A number of arrests, average of 400 around the globe took place each of those three days. That would be 1200 arrests from what I understand took place in that period of time. The only reason I bring that up is we know there have been many attempts to roll this out in the past. I know that in the past there were executive orders that were put out over 115 times to stop it. Executive orders. There is only one person that does it isn’t there. That was in the past.

Bruce: Now let us go to present. In the present now the process has been put into a system by Herculean efforts. This roll out we understand started yesterday afternoon and has competed or is continuing to go even at this time in a very positive unstopped, everything is running like a top manner right now. So much so that we believe we had a go time, an actual start time of the GCR. We usually use the term Global Currency Reset or sometimes we use RV/GCR. We look at the Global Currency Reset or sometimes people call it Global Reset to include 6 currencies or so in the first basket. Might have one or two more that we are not aware of that make it into that first basket. Of course we know the Iraqi Dinar is in there. The Indonesian Rupiah is in there. We understand the Zimbabwe dollar is there, and the Vietnamese Dong is in there. We understand that the Iranian Rial maybe in it as well. There may be a change here and there in that.

Bruce: We believe from what we are hearing, I hate to say it is unconfirmed. I am going to call it not totally substantiated yet to me that at 17:00 hours Greenwich Mean time which would be 5pm today in London. London is not too far from Greenwich. So the same time zone. That the GCR effectively was started if you will according to Christine Legarde who is as you know is the Managing Director of the IMF, International Monetary Fund. We are pleased to suggest that it may have begun according to what we have heard. We know large monies have moved so that bonds can be purchased as well as bonds and baskets of bonds could be made liquid either now or shortly. This would be additional to those we know who have been transacted for the last month or more because a lot of bonds especially historical gold bonds were transacted in order to fund these large tranches that put liquidity in the Paymaster’s accounts to begin our actual currency exchanges. Not to mention to move funds in so the humanitarian funding sources could be made liquid which has happened to some extend. There is more to come but there has been that situation.

Bruce: We know some of the groups, ZIM platforms have funded, been paid out, but yet we know the money is not accessible. We believe the start of this should make those funds accessible now. That is sort of where we are. It is sort of the liquidity is about to come to everyone. You say what does that mean for me, mean for us? My understanding is that this process is moving through and it is a process that may take several days to get total fruition. We on the other hand who are waiting for a toll free number to call and set our appointments for redemption and currency exchanges. That is all we are waiting for.

Bruce: Now we may see an announcement from our new Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. We may need see that before we get the actual 800 number or let us call it a toll free number in which case my understanding is that announcement is probably a pre-recorded announcement. It can be aired any time. We will be looking for that. We will look for that in the news. We will look to see that occurs. That could be a good sign for us.

Bruce: Now let see what else is going on in terms of our Go-time. We know that once we get a toll free number and if I am honored enough to get that number I will certainly adhere to whatever protocols come with it. I will put it out on the website: as indicated if that is permitted and I will certainly send it to a few other sites as permitted so we will have it. I think they want the information to come out very slowly. Not just super quick so the whole world can see. We will just have to see how they intend to do that. Certainly we will put it out as indicated. We are looking forward to be able to do that. I would love to say this would be a celebration call, but so far since I don’t have that number we just going to say that celebration call will be a pre-recorded call that we will put on our website and have available for you as a 15 to 20 minute celebration call as soon as we get the number and have time to do that.

Bruce: Right now we are at a situation that the redemption centers are still on active status. When the toll free number comes out to us they will go from active status to engage statues to receive customers if you will for exchange. We are looking for that transition to take place.

Bruce: What other thing to keep in mind this is for our banking friends and financial partners that are out there. Not only from Wells Fargo and HSBC, the two lead banks in this set up, but also Bank of America, Citibank, Chase Bank. Also our Canadian partners to the north Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, and Scotia Bank. There are others like Moco Pocia, ANZ which is Australia and New Zealand Bank, others and others. I am going to say this to our banking partners. I know you have done the training and even in the branches for the public. I know you have massive training for the redemption centers. I am going to ask hopefully the banks we work with when we get out of the redemption centers and have wires that we initiate and I plan to do one wire to my small bank from my initial appointment from the redemption center and I going to let my bank know what I going to send and so on. Hopefully with the new CIPS system and the Swift system highly fully interrogated into the Cips system by the way.

Bruce: Hopefully the banks will welcome the funds coming to them with these bank wires, because we don’t want to see holdups of these legitimate funds coming from these exchanges held up for some reason on the way to our destinations whether it be to a Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, etc. bank as we begin to diversify some these funds, or hydrate an account to pay some bills off, or do whatever. We know that there is going to be a lot of money moving around from these exchange. We already have had incredible amounts sent as tranches to Wells Fargo, HSBC, and AIIB has initiated a lot of that and they are great banking partners for all of us as well as People Bank of China has been directly through AIIB.

Bruce: What I am saying is I hope that our banking partners will help to make those bank wire transactions smooth with pre-advice to receiving banks or something to let them know this is coming and a lot of money. It is what it is. Get use to it because there will be large amounts transacting from place to place.

Bruce: Now let us talk about rates. I heard about even a higher new rate on the ZIM dollar on the screens that would be a non NDA rate. It is 7 cents higher than it was a few days ago. That is a really good sign. It is moving up. I heard what we would call market rates on the dinar and dong that are substantially higher than what we understand what that international rate in the dinar would be. We have heard the rate on the dinar in country meaning on those QI cards or Smart cards or debit cards, is to approach to get close to $5 in Iraq in country. That would be a rate that would be on all of their cards all across the country. I don’t know if there are quite there yet, but that is the rate they what to look for, getting close to that.

Bruce: The rate that I am talking about on the screens showing, I think on back screens at the banks is quite a bit higher than that, over 4 times that. That is real encouraging that the currencies are trading up. This is all to level the playing field all over the world. It is really going to be interesting as we level the playing field trade between our country and other countries with currencies to sort of level out to give 3rd world countries a better shot at economic development, and, economic reform. Looking forward to that. A lot of our projects will take us internationally even though we will start here in United State with Rebuild America a lot of our work will take us into South and Central America, the Caribbean, parts of Africa, and places beyond that. I am sure some of you have plans in India and other countries in the Far East. Let us see how that comes together. I know as the Big Call we will have a way to reach and stay in touch and communicate what projects we will be doing, and when and where we will be doing them.

Bruce: In terms of where we are if this info is true and Christine Legarde has either made an announcement or indicated the start of the Global Currency Reset as of 5:00 Greenwich mean time today, we are in a great place. We know that the process itself is working and has not been stopped, and is in process. You know why this is working this Herculean effort? It is because it is part of the CIPS system that has completely intergraded the new Swift System. It is a very strong system that was built from the ground up and now it has incorporated all the Swift system and now we have a very strong way to roll this out. Our understanding is probably the system completed in time for a 5pm Greeenwich mean time start today.

Bruce: With that being said we should be in a very good mood. Could we celebrate? I think we could celebrate in a sense, but I think we will really celebrate when the toll free number is made available and then we can go in and exchange. Of course we will celebrate on the way out. We keep our celebration kind of cool. We do not want to draw attention to ourselves as we exit the redemption center. We don’t want to carry on or go crazy at a bar or restaurant. Just keep it all on a down load guys.

Bruce: Most of you will sign NDAs and want higher rates on the ZIM. Hopefully you will be interested in negotiating something much much higher, but you need to have the projects outlined to your people staffed at the redemption center to negotiate and get that higher rate. If you don’t have too many of your projects to talk about, we do have Rebuild America which you can partner with us on. No I am not asking for money. I would never do that. That is not my style. I would say this that if we do something which what we intend to do around the United States with 5,000 listeners of the Big Call from 50 states, looking at rebuilding 100 cities, towns or communities in each state in the United States. We will need some help. What I plan to do several towns of my own. Others may want to do that. That is what we are looking for. We are looking to do similar things throughout the country.

Bruce: How we going to do that? We are going to partner with people like Home Depot, Lowes, Sutherlands, Menards, and others throughout the country in building. There will be many others like Kohlers, other companies we will partner with. What we are going to do is say we are going to pick up a number of lots in a neighborhood, run down properties in a neighborhood, and start with one neighborhood in each city. Pick those properties up. If they need to be raise we get them raised. If not we rehab those properties, and make them really nice just as others around them. Essentially we rebuild America as one home, one family, one neighborhood one at time whether it is in a community of 1,000 or whether it is a community of 10,000 or 50,000 or a city of 1 to 10 millions. We are going to need some participation to do that.

That is what I am talking about. I may start in one place in the country and somebody else let’s say start in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or in Denver, or in a portion of let say anywhere in Ohio. I want to work in the coal belt. I want to get started there. We got people that know people that want to start in Kentucky, parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and parts of West Virginia. Oh my gosh, West Virginia needs it for sure.

Bruce: Guys let’s get in there and rebuild. Look guys, some of those places that don’t have homes to speak of . They may have mobile homes that have started to wear down. We can start there. We can rebuild the communities, one neighborhood at a time. We will figure out ways to do it. We will figure out ways to do it. We want to innovate technology, new building techniques which we have a lot of those. We haven’t discussed all of them yet. Some of them is guarded right now. We got some of that technology. We got free energy that is going to come out. We will look forward to that. We got quite a bit to bring out. I am looking forward to that, forward to Rebuild America. It does dovetail with the president’s initiative in making America is Great. This is one reason we are going to partner with companies around the United States and partner with each other and partner with our banks. Maybe we will be able to create some form of infrastructure bonds as well with our banking partners. I know you are listening out there and going Oh Yes, Bruce don’t worry about that. Bruce we can do that. I know what you are thinking. Let’s get some bonds. Look are we going to look to profit from this? No, we do not need the profit. We got profit. We need to become people that are helping others. That is what we will be doing. We will be philanthropists, builders trying to help.

Bruce: Is there a way for other people that might not have been blessed or be part of the chosen ones, the Cos as those holding ZIM are. Let say people find out what we are doing and say I kind of like that. I like what this group is doing. We will do it anonymously in the process as we can. I will be honest about that. We are not trying to draw attention of ourselves regarding that. We going to try to do so it as anonymously as we can. Not draw attention to ourselves, but when the word does get out and people see what we are doing, and they I want to be part of this. They can participate maybe in the purchase of these bonds to rebuild infrastructure in the United States. I am looking for our banking partners create opportunities. They want to make 4 to 6 percent return on my money safely and maybe make it tax exempt in my state, my community and set that up where we got those offerings. We can have regular everyday folks who want decent return on their money and haven’t been able to make it except in the stock market as today, Look how great the market is. Didn’t we make a higher number today? I think we set a records on that. I think today it went up over 28,000. It has all been since President Trump was inaugurated. They are calling it the Trump Rally. Rightly so. See how far it goes. This is an opportunity you of those who are in the banking community can talk about and see if there is a way to make it happen. I think it be cool if you can do that.

Bruce: We are in good shape. We are set to go. We are ready. Our redemption personnel are ready. Even the local banks are ready for the public when ever their start is which we think is February 28th. Do we need to begin before they go? We think so. Yes, that is the case. I know they want to bring that ZIM in first. I don’t blame them. So that being discussed, I just want to say we are in a great place and I want to thank all of our partners out there and all the people on the Big Call for being part of this with us. It is going to be a milestone we are going to hit here. It will be a new paradigm that we are going to step into. We are looking forward to it.

Bruce: I just got a call which indicated something I want to bring to you in the way of some Intel at the very end of the call. That is I understand that approximately at 9pm EST which was the start of the Big Call, that Iraq began their monetary reform on their CBI website. So what they are doing now in trying to update and possibly put out new rates I hope essentially is the trigger for also not only the RV for the dinar, but sort of a trigger for the rest of the currencies in the basket as well. I am excited that news came through. I think that is a good sign. We will just keep an eye on it. Some of you guys might want to catch the CBI website or whatever the site is to monitor and see if the rates do change overnight. We are hearing some very positive things today about the fact we are in it. In the process now. That it started. That is another indication right there.

Bruce: I wish I had a toll free number to give it to you right now. I don’t. I have heard I am suppose to get it. If I do get it as intended I will certainly put it out for you. Check back to the Big Call website: Check it for a celebration call that will be recorded between now and Tuesday. Hopefully we won’t be doing a live call Tuesday, but a recording call in the near future that you can listen to and be able to see the number. The number will not only be in the call but also on the website. We will make room for it on website.

Bruce: I just want to tell you we are in really good shape for this to roll out. We are looking for an announcement of not only about our new currency I believe to come from our Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, and also looking for an announcement tomorrow and also a couple of announcements on Saturday. Looks like Iraq has begun their process of economic monetary reform through their CBI website. We will see what transpires possibly overnight or possibly the next day or so. I think we are in a good place.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for listening. I want to thank our banking partners, and people in the financial world out there, and our international listeners. This is a global event. You guys know that or else we would not call it a Global Currency Reset. We are looking for that resetting to move through it the exchange process and move into our own new world, our own paradigm.

Bruce: I want to say you know and you have a lot of information the last 6 years since I been doing calls, and really there is quite a bit you have. Just bring it all to mind. When you are in your exchange process and if you for some reason forget something, first of all do not forget your identification, your driver’s license, your passport if you have one. Also a utility bill that shows where you live. Bring your currency. If you have a presentation, bring a 1 to 2 page outline of what it is you plan to do in way of humanitarian projects.

Bruce: I want to remind you guys don’t forget we are going to work with veterans with our Veterans Retreat Network. I am going to do something else that is special called the Veterans Resource Network, I going to do that too separately. Don’t forget we have humanitarian projects, and we got miniteries we will be working with. Who is going to be the greatest hire of verterans in the country? Probabl the Veterans Retreat Network. We have major plans.

Bruce: I was thinking about the fact the word today is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. The President’s mantra has been it is what they are talking about. I imagine that was since the campaign and beyond, and it is very important. We want our people gainfully employed. We want our people earn decent wages with full time jobs so on. Now all that being said and that is coming, we will have a lot to do with that. We are going to employ people. We are going to create new job opportunities. Don’t forget that as part of your presentation. Try to estimate what it is you are talking about over the next 5 to 10 years. If you can do it for 20 to 50 years, do that. Don’t blue sky it. At the same time you got 5 to 6 million people that might be working now. Not everybody is working, but some of these people might be working. You know what you might be changing your position. You might not be working where you are working if you are working for a company. If you have your own business you may decide to keep it or you may decide to sell it. You may decide it is not worth keeping and you might just shut it down. In any event you going to create through your movement from the job market you are creating new job opportunities. Just from us exiting from the job market itself we can create an extra 4 to 5 million jobs, just from our absence.

Bruce: Now what they have not calculated is how many people out there have been gifted currency that might also be in the position that we are in as the internet group and not to mention the public. That is where the 5 to 6 million currency holders are. I think that is higher now. If you have gifted and you check you have gifted another 15 to 20 people or whatever that total is, that is another group of people maybe working that maybe leaving their jobs as well. There may be 15 to 20 million people that will move from the job market into philanthropy business as we are. We are going to have jobs, but our job is going to be to help people through philanthropical means. Through giving into ministry. Through humanitarian projects like Rebuild America. That is going to be our job. If we want to have a job that is it.

Bruce: Our compensation is going to come from directly from God. We are going to be blessed beyond means, beyond measure, and not need to really work for profit. We will make profit from the banks that will have the funds in them. We will make money quarterly that will be coming out in way of interest is the way we will earn our money that is in our trust. All of that is great. We will have that. I don’t think we will be able to out give God. Please plan on setting your sites high for a lot of giving, a lot of giving to people, giving into ministries. Whatever it is in your heart go and pray about to God to do that. I think we all will be going in that direction. Looking forward to it.

Bruce: We got a really good group here that has faithfully come in here for 6 years now and I am looking forward taking our new website putting it together with a new portal talk so we can talk about these ideas Rebuild America. Put it on our site. Veterans Retreat Network we will put on our site. We will have the ability to blog about it. We will bring ideas forward, technology, a one stop shop for all of that.

Bruce: (Bruce got another call) I took that last call. Everything is moving forward. I got some more information but nothing that I can bring right now that will change our situation too dramatically. So everything is moving through. We are looking forward to events that would bring this to us just as I said. Hopefully that will occur in the coming days. I hate saying coming days. Let just say in the very near future. Continue to hang in there.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you Big Call listeners. Thank you Big Call universe for being faithful and staying with the call for so many years, and looking forward to what we all are looking forward to the redemption of these currencies.

Bruce: Everybody the blessing is nigh. We are almost home. Just hang in there a little longer and everything is going to be all new hopefully for you as it will be for all of us. With that being said thank you again for our partners out there. Thank you for our listening audience. Thank you for our banking partners around the world. Thanks everybody. Good to have everybody on the call again. Good Night All.






"Fiat vs. Gold Backed Value" - One Who Believes - 11.8.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 12:49 PM EST on November 8, 2016

Re-posted by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Value: Fiat $ Vs. Gold Backed $

The big difference between the values of the Fiat money system and the new Gold backed system is NOT the Rate, it is the Guarantee of Value. This Post mainly applies to the ZIM Value question specifically, even though it applies to all the Currencies of the World.

The Sovereign / Privately Negotiable Rates

First we have to get over the super high rates that have been mentioned lately. They ARE NOT the exchange rates for these currencies. They ARE gifts to Humanity through you by your agreement. That is to say that you will get the super high rates if you agree to use them for the betterment of the World. The EXCHANGE RATE is what the general public will get when they walk in off the street to exchange. So, we are going to throw that super high rate out as far as our discussion of the Value question for Fiat Currencies vs. Gold Backed Currencies.

How The Rates Are Established

With the Fiat money system, there was no reasonable basis of value except what was decided from time to time. When more money was needed, it was just printed. There was no basis for confidence in the money because it's value relative to other currency had no basis except what someone in charge wanted it to be. That system created great instability for international trade and relations. In the blink of an eye, industries were wiped out because a change in the exchange rate made them unprofitable.

However, with the Gold Backed system, there is a set value based on a country's assets above and below the ground including other various "values" which all add up to what it takes to back their currency. Notice I said what it takes to back their currency at a certain value. That is because in the new Gold backed system, all currencies are nearly equal in value. That is to say they are on par with each other, where $1 of one currency is equal to $1 of another currency or at least close to it. Currencies being relatively equal with each other is the first main difference between the two money systems.

The Most Important Difference

People get caught up in the idea of whether or not a country has the assets to back the value of their currency, especially for the ones we hold. However, that does NOT matter. Sure the value on paper is based on some calculations of this and that, in ground and above ground, etc. That rationalization is only to justify the value when in actuality the "Value" comes from something completely different and way more important. The Value comes from the Pledge and Guarantee of Value.

The Guarantee of Value

So how did they have enough assets or just the right amount of assets to back their currency at a certain face value close to all other currencies? It was a plan with a target rate/value. But no matter the "Logical" reasoning it took to convince people of the value of their currency, the REAL value is the Pledge and Guarantee of value.

With the Fiat system there was no guarantee. Whatever the powers that be said it was, it was, and no country was safe from manipulation. So whether or not a country has the right value in the ground or above the ground or whatever, doesn't really matter. What matters is that there is a Guarantee of the value of their currency by the pledge of all they have to back it. They pledge all their assets as the guarantee that their currency has that value. That has never happened before, where every country in the World guarantees their currency value by pledging their assets to back it. So does it matter what the actual assets are? No it does not because there will NEVER come a time when the value drops requiring the sell-off of the assets to cover the currency.

Checks and Balances

The most important understanding is that the exchange rates will always be nearly the same between different currencies because if gold goes up for one currency it goes up for all. They are all tied together and no one country will change their value and upset the World Financial System. When all the currencies are based on the same basic assets, no one person or group can artificially alter the rates.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we will now have a stable value currency system with each country pledging their country's worth to guarantee their currency's value. While it seems that some countries age getting some sort of advantage by the HUGE increase in their values, in actually, it is only bringing them up to where they should have been all along. No longer will any one group or country be able to manipulate currency values to their advantage. Now we are all on the same page, at the same relative values, that will be stable from now on, all guaranteed by each countries entire net worth. Now that is a Guarantee!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes

"Why People Are And How They Function" by Dean G. Allen, Ph.D - 2.24.17

Entry Submitted by Dean G. Allen, Ph.D at 3:37 AM EST on February 24, 2017


by Dean G. Allen, Ph.D.

(…and Why Consciousness IS the ONLY Elegant Solution to Human Problems)

I have followed Dinar Chronicles for several years as part of the “internet group” on this crazy ride to freedom and prosperity, and I have become very impressed with some of the higher consciousness posts that are continually showing up. These articles consistently provide insights that are FAR ahead of the general public’s view of (what I call) energetic Reality - (or the way things really are in terms of the energetic Laws of physics and the subtle-energy Ways of meta-physics).

My professional interests have always been on how our minds and emotions process our Spirit Life-force energies into our various mental/emotional/physical functions, and/or dysfunctions of ill health. After finally finding the proper science to objectively reveal very clearly how this happens, I began to realize that unconscious CONFUSION about energetic Reality (specifically – about ‘who we are and how we function’) IS the primary human problem!

This is true because without being clear about who you are and how you function energetically …as the human system YOU are …which you are 100% dependant on for EVERYTHING in your life – your chances of doing anything well is greatly reduced! This truth is like a race car driver whose performance is dependent upon how well he/she knows their vehicle – and every human person is in exactly this same position with their vehicle in life.

I wrote a book in 2013 (that I have not yet promoted/distributed well) called “Know ThySelf, Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously” ( It is a summary of my therapeutic experiences with thousands of clients using an infrared science that decodes the electrical energy flow patterns of disease into the unconscious mental and emotional issues that relate to each of the 23 different organ/gland energy systems. These systems provide humans with ALL their Life-force energy/powers to function best in their life.

Each of these organ/gland energy systems are designed to provide us with very specific conscious emotional feelings about different situations in life. Each of these 23 organ/gland energy systems are also subject to specific types of emotional traumas/memories that are often triggered so they hamper (create drag on) the organ’s ability to function/express their truth clearly, quickly and appropriately - (what regenerates each organ and gland).

Once a person can consciously see more clearly (energetically) what is going on in their life – they are much more capable of correcting their problems and creating more solutions quicker and better in their life.

However, the unconscious dragon (whose protective function it is …to create a drag on our Spirit Life-force energy flow when appropriately needed) hates the Light of our conscious powers that can rule over its unconscious reactive drag. So this battle between the unconscious reactive dragon, and the clear/quick conscious expressions of the Spirit for our best long term interest - often becomes the center stage focus in many people’s lives in one way or another.

My final conclusion after working with this science personally with thousands of clients over all these (30) years - is that Consciousness is the ONLY elegant human solution to human problems, because it is the only thing that allows us to make conscious decisions. AND conscious decisions are the only decisions that can be regenerative and sustainable over time!

We must function consciously in order to create a sustainable future – and from my observations of some of the DC posts - there are many in our “internet group” who see this destiny of consciousness as the ONLY real (bottom line) solution to human problems. Because with consciousness: solutions are automatically and instantly created (that replace all the unconscious decisions that previously created all the problems).

My humanitarian project ( will be focusing on how to best accomplish this monstrous task (by funding the best professionals with the clearest visions for various areas of expertise). Our goal is to produce the clearest and quickest ways to evolve human consciousness – which is essential for ALL humans to accomplish so they may survive our rapidly approaching future.

We are NOW progressing further and further into our galaxy’s photon belt of light that serves to enlighten humans by raising their conscious functioning vibrations - to a level where only conscious functioning survives – which is why we’ve all heard that saying, “Evolve or Die”.

There is another timely saying I use, that my wife loves (and encouraged me to post) that is…

“The games of darkness won’t fly in the photon belt.” And that is exactly where we are – and heading there more and more EVERY DAY.

Blessing to everyone on this journey – and remember CLARITY IS A POWERFUL TOOL!

PS - Since it sounds like we will all be moving onto other things very soon post RV – I want to thank all of you conscious contributors to Dinar Chronicles for all those wonderful articles (especially from Yosef, One Who Knows, Tank and Heisenberg, etc…). These articles have kept my wife and I going day to day (AND also to Patrick for providing a place and an atmosphere for such conscious people to peaceably assemble). J

If you have questions about any part of this article - or have anything you would like to communicate with me about - please email me at:

"Deep Appreciation" by islandwave8 - 2.24.17

Entry Submitted by islandwave8 at 3:30 AM EST on February 24, 2017

Here's surrounding each of us with angelic guidance, protection & blessings as we carry our torches forth. May we be guided to the perfect people, in perfect timing.

Deep appreciation to every one involved in this journey. You made it happen. From the Elders to our newest zim holder in East LA, may you all be drenched in love & divine gratitude for your service - service thus far & as yet to come.

I was prepared to have this be a solitary journey, but it richly contained the unexpected element of YOU.

Many thanks... I will periodically be sending out prayers for all here, as we traverse our journeys at this Turning of the Ages.

May God's Will light our way!

~ islandwave8

"To Yosef, Chinese Elders and Others" by Miezepurelove - 2.24.17

Entry Submitted by Miezepurelove at 2:31 AM EST on February 24, 2017

wàn fēn gǎn xiè ( ten thousand times thanks )

To The Divine Source
to the Chinese Elders
to Yosef
to Bruce & team and Pinkroses
to Tank & team
to Patrick
to Hunter & team in the background
to all loving hearts on the planet Earth, in all Realities, Dimensions and Universes
In deep gratitude



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