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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 22 2018 Compiled 12:12 am EDT 22 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abu...

Monday, January 22, 2018

"The Vaccine Program" by The Voice of Kwan Yin - 1.22.18

Entry Submitted by The Voice of Kwan Yin at 4:31 PM EST on January 22, 2018

Dear Dinar & Zimlandia Family....

Are you witnessing the walls of corruption falling down?

CONTINUE The Good FIGHT.... with a mental Light Saber of Truth like Rae in the Last Jedi Movie.......as you Pray and March and Act in peaceful power & knowledge.... BE in integrity... yet with kindness and especially.... no harm to others? Be the LIGHT, just like Rae discovered her own powers.....

Please know with Assurance, that there are many of us world wide ....who have been quietly and diligently working behind the scenes for several decades ...... documenting the science of what is contained in these documents. Many of us have given our lives.

The return of Hope and Healing is Real. We are already using technologies of light and sound that identify exact toxins as well as micro nutrients required for the body's own Innate ability to heal itself.

There already exist answers for a recovery from brain injury from neurotoxin in vaccines....

Or aluminum in Sky Fall GeoEngineering. ..

Or Fluoride in public waters, or Seeds of glysophate death in GMO genetically modified foods.
Or mercury/silver fillings already in your teeth right now!

The news media will not touch this as 80% of their advertising comes from Pharma/ Drug Industrial Complex.

Share the good news, Release the Memo, and this Document of disclosure and cover-up.

Make it So ! .... ENGAGE !

The Alliance of Divine Love is with you.

I AM The Voice of Kwan Yin.

"Just Want to Get Back to Being a Giver" by John - 1.22.18

Entry Submitted by John at 4:18 PM EST on January 22, 2018

I suppose, I’ve spent enough time reading and studying the scriptures, that I could give a reason for my faith to anyone. The trouble is, when put in the position to have to give a reason for your having faith, it takes away from the time you could simply be living by the principles for life that are spelled out in those very same pages.

This morning when I was first getting around and ready for the day, I opent a little time in conversation with the Lord and, like many in here, feeling a bit frustrated with not being able to take my focus off of this and simply get on with life, I spent a little time in prayer and, reminded him that it is written

“Give, and it will be given to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will men give into your treasury. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Here’s the deal. That’s God’s law…and, we can call it by any other name we want to call it by but, no matter who we are, no matter where we may be, it’s not just true but, truth and, it rings true with all God’s principles and, is especially in harmony with the whole concept of “sowing and reaping.” Let me tell you, sowing and reaping ain’t just a farmer thing. It’s a cycle of life.

Look at a tree. Let’s imagine a Peach Tree. I don’t know if you’ve ever been able to enjoy this but, I love peaches picked right off the tree. I helped my dad plant some peach trees on their place, years ago and, the tree that was closest to the house was literally loaded with peaches year after year. If you know anything about Peach Wood…it’s not known as being particularly hard. In fact, it’s a lot like a Mimosa in that sense, as I recall. The reason I bring that up is, each year that one tree was as loaded down as it was with fruit, the limbs weren’t strong enough to continually hold all the peached. Some of the limbs would start splitting away from the tree itself. I tell you all of that to point out that there were times when there were so many peaches that some of them would ripen and fall to the ground before we were able to pick them. What were these peaches that fell to the ground? Were they not a part of the process of the tree itself following the law of “sowing and reaping”? If those peaches weren’t picked up and used for something else, what would eventually happen?

So, even thought fruit falling to the ground isn’t necessarily a “farmer thing”, it’s still agricultural, isn’t it? We could get the impression that “all sowing and reaping” is agricultural but, it isn’t, as we find out. In fact, we read that verse from Luke 6:38 again, about “giving”, the first thing most of us think about giving is, “money”, don’t we? Now, granted, we’re supposed to “give, expecting nothing in return”, what are we having faith for when we give? Yep…that we will receive also. What is that except another way of “sowing and reaping”? Kindness may be our currency and, those who sow kindness receive kindness in return. It may take a little longer to start coming back to us but, never the less, kindness is returned for kindness…as are all the fruit of the spirit.

That brings up the motivation for my sending this in to IDC. Yesterday, a post was made by someone who I don’t know who, in her own way and in her own justification, she maligned and ridiculed many of us in the currency community as being “non-doers.” That’s my word, not hers but, it implies what she was saying well, most of my life, I’ve been a defender of the underdog…the little guy…the one who gets picked on all the time and, that’s a result of my being picked on when I was a boy so, I came by it natural. Not that I’m the toughest guy around but, I don’t take guff off of anyone…I’ll blame my mom and dad for that. If you knew them, you’d know exactly what I meant. But, yesterday, I felt like someone was attacking people I care about…even attacking me personally and, for no reason except that I just don’t have the energy I had when I first got involved in this whole deal to confront people in ways that I would just pin their ears back by giving them a piece of my mind. I hope that painted a graphic enough picture for you because, yesterday, I lashed out…not in fear but, probably in ignorance of that person’s true position in this whole process and, she knows who she is. I’m not the only one who came out swinging a sword.

Here’s the deal though. It wouldn’t have mattered who it was…coming out and basically accusing everyone out here as nothing more than “knots on a log” waiting for something to happen but, with no personal initiative, it’s immediately obvious to me that they haven’t seen a lot of what the majority of this community has suffered through in the way of abuse from people claiming to have information that the rest of us don’t have. That’s all it took for my wanting to stand up and stomp a muddle in someone and, it’s difficult to shut that down, once it gets started up on your inside.

Anyway, just as I said yesterday, the proof isn’t in the pudding, it's in "eating the pudding.” Anything less at this point is like being fed feathers and then, being told that we had chicken. That’s just where we’ve gotten to in all of this. There’s a lot of animosity that’s been allowed to build up over time and, frustration pushes some of us to want to vent our spleen on anyone who shows up to the party late…maybe even especially those who have spent a lifetime being a giver and, found so much enjoyment seeing the effect and affect we had on people’s lives in doing so, that we became “junkies” of a sort and long to get back into being a giver again. Maybe there’s a few people who can relate to that…I don’t know but, to that, I’ll confess being guilty.

There really isn’t anyone who has chosen to wrap the proverbial towel around their heads and let theirselves be called “Gurus” who find themselves with a better report than anyone else. No one has gotten it totally right yet but, it only takes one time for someone, that the entire community will find it out. So, without naming any names, to all of you out there whose desire and intent it is to bring hope to all of us “Waiters”, know that we we stand in agreement with you, as best as we can under the circumstances. We’re a “beat up” bunch and, you have to realize, no sooner to we get healed up from one time that, there’s someone else who comes along with the same promises and more, only for our disappointment to be renewed. We appreciate the efforts and, while no one wants to hear “It’s the thought that counts”, we’ve also heard, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” so, please keep a grain of salt or two handy when we express an opinion of disbelief. It’s just because we’ve been conditioned to be that way by those who came before you. In all of that, some of us have been conditioned or, have learned to keep all the salt-shakers in the house full and , have one on every end-table and, next to every comfortable chair in the house. Please don’t take it personal.


"In Response to One Of The Light" by Hestia - 1.22.18

Entry Submitted by Hestia at 4:08 PM EST on January 22, 2018

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Mon. Afternoon - 1.22.18

In responding to your comments to my messages, please allow me to state the following.

For starters you could not possibly be one of the light to post the messages you do. As lightworkers are NEVER negative or condescending. If you really read my message, the fact I state is in deed a fact as stated, and if you took the time to listen to the call, you would have heard it for yourself. My capitals are to accent the excitement I felt, nothing at all about bashing.

If you went on to read my message, I clearly state MY MIND began thinking and the questions I posted are what I was THINKING.

Maybe some readers need to go back to school and learn how to read and comprehend correctly.

And you have the audacity to call me a liar when I clearly lied about.......WAIT FOR IT.........ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

What say you LIGHTWORKER?

Please do not allow evil to cloud your judgement from being the lightworker you are trying to claim to be.

My Lord and God knows my heart and my intentions. I fear no evil.



"Re: World Domination" by BonniB - 1.22.18

Entry Submitted by BonniB at 3:46 PM EST on January 22, 2018

"World Domination Plans by the Cabal Families" - Kim Possible Intel Update 1-22-18

Sorry guys, I told myself I wasn't posting anymore. What can I say, I have no will power sometimes.

Remember when Yosef, confused a long time ago that he was being paid to stir up trouble on DC. He said we were so stupid, we made him sick.

Then, in comes Tank and Fisher to divide and conquer in the old 3D Cabal reality. Haven't we had enough of that? How about if we take it out of our head and drop it to our heart? Now, use discernment to take a look at it.

Fisher confessed this morning that he has NO currency at all and wouldn't take it when people tired to give it to him. Fisher, why are you in the middle of all this stirring things up, if you have no dog in this fight? Hum!

Kim, Tank, Fisher your posts are becoming a total act of desperation. Why do you need us? Why are you in our face all the time? It's one thing to give us information, it's another to beat us to death with it, every minute of everyday trying to get the responses you desire. If we were on the same side, you would not have to do that. Are we on the same side?

If the Cabal are paying you by the job then you should ask for a raise because we aren't as gullible as we were in Yosef's time. If their paying you by the hour, you really need to ask for a raise.

Kim, here's another piece of advice. You are becoming manic. If you don't stop you are going to explode into a million pieces. Whatever your being paid to do, it isn't worth it. Life's too short to spend it this way.

At some point in our lives, the prudent thing to do is trust in a power bigger than ourselves to have our back. Now is that time. The definition of insanity still holds, "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results."

"Response to Anonymous Regarding Kim" by Hestia - 1.22.18

Entry Submitted by Hestia at 3:44 PM EST on January 22, 2018

"Re: Kim Funded Tank" by (Anonymous) - 1.22.18

In response to your comments to my message I would humbly apologize to anyone offended by my post as it was not meant to belittle or demean anyone. I am aware of the post Tank presented which was made before his call for the community. Oh wait, I did not read that because I am lazy! It is based on THAT CALL that I make reference. Once Kim commented on giving Tank the code, the call is AMAZINGLY lost. Kim does come back on and continues with the info on the Colonel, but Tank never speaks a word with regard to the code from Kim to him. It would have been very noble of Tank to elaborate on that. Maybe not everyone read Tanks memorandum. Maybe they are not glued to this website as others appear to be.

Writing the memorandum was good to document and file for his lawsuit. I would not wish to do anything to jeopardize my opportunity to exchange either, however, you have missed the point of the post completely.

What better way to help the readers truly believe and understand would have been an actual transaction. There are so many humanitarians desirous of getting projects started. If these codes were legitimate, then gladly give them to someone who is reputable and founded in their humanitarian project. If these codes are legitimate than the transaction would have been accepted and approved. The colonel was advised not to take the codes. What does that tell you?

I smelled foul when Tank made his memorandum post and commented on it then and will hold that same feeling, even if I stand alone. It is JMHO and my right to express it. I also spend countless hours reading, studying and researching, but I do not need to explain that to you.

I will not lower myself to your level of insulting and bashing. I have not done either to anyone. I made comments as JMHO, I asked questions that came to MY MIND in my post.....AS STATED. If it was actual fact, that too was pointed out.

Your insulting words do not offend or hurt me. Your own persona is clearly defined in your message.

I pray for you!

And to think you will possibly be entrusted with millions to serve humanity?

I pray for the world!



"Your Time is Now" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Rich4hyip » January 22nd, 2018

With these articles and change of pictures on CBI, I just feel something is going on…there's a lot talk of CBI and currency…are they ready to say something,….no more confusions….let it go Abadi…your time is now….don't miss this perfect month

Frank26 » January 22nd, 2018

HMMM ............... NO MORE CONFUSION U SAY .............. HMMM...................... AS I SAY ................ WE TOLD YOU SO WE TOLD YOU SO !!!!!!


"WAIT" ........ WE SAID ........................... WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GAVE YOU KEY WORD LAST CC AS WE SAID .................. "LAUNCH" !!!!!!


BECAUSE WALKINGSTICK AND TEAMS ................... TOLD YOU SO !!!!!!!!!



AS YOU KNOW ............. WE HAVE BEEN 'WAITING" TOGETHER ................. I HAVE BEEN SO WANTING TO SAY MORE .............. TY ALAK............ MY TURN TONIGHT.



NOT THE SEWERS NOR FAKES .......................... ''THEY'' CONSIDER US TO BE.

KONA ................ C U ON YOUR MONDAY CC TONIGHT IN .... 7( 7pm est).


Get1Later » January 22nd, 2018


Jordan exports $ 14.1 million worth of goods to Iraq via Trebil since the beginning of 2018

January 22, 2018

The head of the committee to follow up on export issues to Iraq, Hassan al-Samadi, estimated on Monday the value of goods exported through the border crossing (Trebil), about 10 million Jordanian dinars (14.1 million dollars) from the beginning of the year until yesterday.

“The number of customs data that has been completed since the beginning of this year is about 526 statements of goods transported by 840 trucks,” Al-Samadi said in a statement to Jordan’s Al-Ghad newspaper. “The goods exported to Iraq via Trebil are from different sectors , The most important detergents, vegetables and fruits, in addition to plastic and iron.

He added that “Jordanian trucks are not currently entering Iraq, but up to the border and the transfer of shipments to other trucks to ensure the transfer within the territory of Iraq,” noting that “the rate of transit today for trucks up to 40 trucks a day.”

“Iraq is one of the most important trading partners of Jordan, which is the main nerve of the Jordanian industry, and enjoys the priority and priority of many Jordanian traders, importers and industrialists who prefer his market to other markets.”

Taribil crossing is the only land crossing linking the flow of commercial goods between Jordan and Iraq and closed in 2015 due to the security situation in that period. It is reopened before the movement of goods and passengers before the end of last August.


Samson » January 22nd, 2018

Newspaper: UAE hosts Iraqi officials involved in corruption and theft of antiquities

09:57 - 22/01/2018

The newspaper "the new Arab", the existence of 80 Iraqi officials involved in corruptionissues, including the theft of monuments, some of them in the UAE, noting that the political reasons impede the opening of the file of theft of antiquities.

"The Iraqi judiciary accuses 80 ministers and Iraqi government officials, some of whom are in the UAE, of involvement in corruption cases, including theft of monuments, which the judiciary blocked for political consensus," the newspaper said in a report.

The newspaper quoted a senior judge in the Supreme Judicial Council as saying that "Customs officers accused in this file, but have not been called so far, according to file No. 7/834 on the smuggling of Iraqi antiquities out of the country during the years 2003 to 2010, but this The file is still in place for political reasons hindering its opening independently, and call for those involved in the case, according to officials of the Higher Judicial Council in Baghdad.

The newspaper pointed out that "the file of this issue neglected in the shelves of the archives of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council since the middle of 2011 contains about 300 documents and certificates of citizens and Iraqi officials talked about the serial smuggling of thousands of Iraqi artifacts belonging to the Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Sumerian and Sasanian, as well as manuscripts Jewish and Christian and Islamic, and the Ottoman Empire related to the mandate of Basra, which was running the affairs of the Gulf countries at the time. LINK

"Peace Now" - GCR/RV Community Thought - 1.22.18

We call upon all benevolent forces of Light
to join with us as we invoke
peace, harmony, unity, cooperation and miracles
for our beautiful planet Earth, all of humanity upon
and within the Earth,
and all of the Kingdoms both known and unknown
who work unceasingly on behalf of the restoration
of the Divine Plan as intended by Prime Creator.
We set this intention on behalf of and for
the highest good and the highest outcome for All.
Let peace manifest on Earth.
Let peace guide our journey.
Let peace help us see the
unfolding events of this world
through the lens of
Cosmic Evolution.


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