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"Pin Cushion" - Geopolitical Overview - Friday - April 28, 2017

Received via email at 12:00 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles All member access platforms have been "game tested" and...

Friday, April 28, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 28, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 28 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 27 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. April 27 2017 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. Today's intel points toward the GCR/RV happening immediatly.

2. In Iraq Tues. April 25 Abadi did a recording of an announcement that was expected to be aired on Sat. April 29.

3. That announcement included the liberation of Misul and redenomination of their Iraqi Dinar currency.

4. Iraq has a new financial system and now their electricity is back up.

5. Rates continued to go up.

6. The rate on the Dinar would continue to go up (because it is being traded) until about May 5.

7. The new USN was on the bank screens in Hong Kong and Singapore - which showed it was ready to be traded.

8. The US should get some announcements on Sat. from President Trump about our gold/ asset-backed currency.

9. The core groups and subgroups (Tiers 1,2,3) completed their exchanges this afternoon.

10. Our Tier 4 Internet Group was next to go.

11. The screen rates may go up even more before Tier 4 began.

12. The 800 number should come out at any time.

13. Bruce doesn't believe there was anything in the way.

14. SKR accounts should be active on Monday May 1.

15. Appointments for the Internet group should begin before Monday May 1.

16. The general public might possibly begin exchanges by around May 11, 12.

17. The higher screen rates were negotiable and didn't require an NDA.

18. Bruce believed we would get the 800 number between now and the weekend.

B. April 27 2017 Instructions for TETELESTAI 800# Notification:

1. As of last night April 27 instructions have been changed on how to obtain the 800# that you needed to call in order to set your exchange appointment.

2. The TETELESTAI post was the official "Go" for redemption exchange.

3. You would need to follow the below instructions if you wanted your email address on the very private and secure TETELESTAI email list.

4. Please note that the 800 number was also to appear on certain websites (such as Bruce's The Big Call) and not just from the TETELESTAI email list.

5. If you wished to subscribe to the TETELESTAI private page feed, visit the Dinar Chronicles TETELESTAI page located HERE, or find it at the top of:

6. Click the word TETELESTAI on the top of that page.

7. On the upper right side of the next page that came up you would find a place to type in your email address.

8. Type in your email address and click the "Subscribe" button.

9. You would be sent an email to confirm you wanted your email on their list.

10. Be sure to click the confirm button on that email.

11. It would be wise to make sure your email was on the TETELESTAI list before Friday night as the latest was that the 800 numbers could be released after midnight EDT Friday April 28.

C. April 27 2017 11:51 am EDT: "10 Fair Questions" - Geopolitical Overview - Thursday - April 27, 2017

1. Why would a well respected Hong Kong private bank subtly promote sales of the new USN to local customers, but not all retail banks at an international FOREX level?

2. When is the US Congress going to publicly announce that the Republic exists?

3. When is the US Congress going to publicly announce that the Republic has switched back to the gold standard per GESARA requirements?

4. Will such new (GESARA) laws be invisibly dropped into the upcoming federal budget as not to upset the general population, or market makers?

5. Why last night April 26 was the federal budget deadline extended one week, after being extended four months back in December 2016?

6. Why is an upcoming government shutdown vote being "synced up" with the vote on Health Care and Tax Reform?

D. April 27 2017 11:42 am EDT Global Elites Set to Sacrifice Children April 30: Judy Byington: Children Scheduled to be Sacrificed on April 30

E. April 27 2017 5:51 am EDT Yosef Intel, Tetelestai Sign Up: Real Truth Call Replay w/ Yosef for April 26, 2017 Link to Replay

1. There were banks which had been doing exchanges since last Sunday April 23.

2. These exchanges were real, though had been set up to test and train staff and the system prior to the actual release.

3. On the 800 numbers: there would be a main number for all countries that when you called it, would direct you to your actual exchange number.

4. No matter what country you lived in the Tetelestai (meaning "it is finished") link on Dinar Chronicles would sign you up to get the 800 number. Click HERE

5. On Zim: Rates were so high that you could ask for what you wanted, though you needed to have a humanitarian project or business plan that would justify use of the funds.

6. The delay ended on April 28 Friday night at midnight when the US Note became a part of the 2018 US budget and we would be able to redeem.

F. April 27 2017 12:02 am EDT: "10 Points About The Republic" - One Who Knows - 4.27.17 10 Points About The Republic:

1. Paul Ryan was the "Interim" President of the Republic, and has been for about 2 years or so. (More or less)

2. Once the Republic was announced and NESARA was in effect, there would be REAL elections for all the top governmental offices that needed to be replaced, which was all of them. We would either re-elect Ryan as president, or we would elect someone else instead. As an interesting point of fact: NO CABAL are permitted to run for office. EVERY CANDIDATE MUST BE VETTED COMPLETELY BEFORE THEY ARE PERMITTED TO RUN FOR OFFICE. It is about time!

3. All the Negative Ryan information you have was his cover story to get into the Cabal boys club in Congress. It was all fake, but you can believe it if you wanted to. After all, the Cabal did.

4. Paul Ryan was one of the most upstanding and loyal people we have in the Republic and we were damn lucky to have him. This stupid nonsense that he wanted to kill off the population was ludicrous.

5. We are no longer called "Citizens" as we were in the Cabal USA Inc., instead we are now considered "Residents" of the Republic.

6. While I don’t have all the exact details of how this works, the Government structure is mostly local and much less at the higher Republic level. It is more of a grass roots, self governing type system. "Guiding Councils" will be the norm. We will learn more about that later.

7. There were several "Republics" registered in France as corporations, that were created by the Cabal to confuse people. Although the notion that our Republic is the wrong one, has been passed around, the idea, that our Republic is one of those Cabal corporations is ridiculous. Do you REALLY think that Grandfather, the author of the plan, the one in charge of the money that will fund the World, who is 2.5 billion years old, and St. Germaine who was at the signing of the declaration of independence, would be fooled by a Fake republic, registered in France as a Corporation, is just crazy talk. Whoever tells you this either a Cabal plant, or has no clue what is really going on.

8. The Republic owns and controls ALL the Military. The military is 100% cabal free, and, will be highly involved in protecting you before, during and after your exchange.

9. The IRS and the Federal Reserve are already gone and complete control of our nation's money supply is now in the hands of the Republic Treasury where it should have been all along. The Cabal no longer have any control over our money supply or ANY money supply anywhere in the World. The Republic will be issuing new "Continental Currency" that will be Gold & asset backed. A little known, but interesting fact, all the different denominations are actually different sizes, such as length and width. All businesses will have to change out their cash register drawers and ATMs. But that has already been planned and will be ready when we get the new money.

10. The Republic is a sovereign nation recognized by all 209 nations on the planet. It is a debt free and fully funded nation. While "Acting" President Trump signs documents on TV, the ONLY documents and presidential Orders that count and are in force, are the ones signed by President Paul Ryan of the Republic.

11. The Bottom Line is that you don’t have to accept or believe any of the information I have provided above. It will all become public when it is time for the big reveal. The only thing you need to believe and have faith in is the coming GCR. Your belief in that and the special exchange opportunities it offers do matter. In that regard, it is interesting to know this Republic information, but, more importantly for you right now, is to concentrate on your next BIG MOVE, your exchange. That time is near.

G. April 27 2017 6:11 am EDT Bank verifies US Notes active as of April 8 2017: DBS Bank HK Admits the Listed Currency "USN" is "US Notes" A friend of mine went ahead to give DBS Bank HK an email regarding the "USN" listed on their site. The following reply is very interesting... This is currently in the process of being confirmed by sources. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Rise Together - How the Good Guys Punked the CIA

Published on Apr 27, 2017

"9/11 and Process" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 4-27-17

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 28-Apr-2017 00:32:52

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "9/11 & Process" 4/27/17

911 - 4/27/17

Dr. Steve Pieczenik in a recent interview on the "Q" Files show with Steve Quayle exposed 911 as a "Standown" or a False Flag in Intelligence parlance just like FDR's Pearl Harbor.

Roosevelt knew that the Japanese were coming because intelligence had cracked the Japs "Purple Code" 6 weeks before December 7th, 1941.

This 45 year intelligence operative stated openly that those responsible for 911 are George W. Bush...Condelezza Rice...Donald Rumsfeld...Dick Cheney...Paul Wolfiwitz...Richard Pearl...Z. Halazad...D. Fife and Sandy Berger.

What we Americans have is a corrupted republic manipulated by Capitalist Preditors and Psychopaths who have bought off and infiltrated many facets of American life who protect themselves through secret societies, sexual blackmail, death threats and lies on a grand scale.

Americans spend their lifetimes working in a manipulated system of debt and after earning one or two million of these fake dollars wind up with little to show for it.

They don't really own their homes or vehicles and are dumbed down and scammed by politicians, media, schools, religions, bankers and courts that are really beholding to the British Empire and the Satanist Vatican Pedophiles.

Process - 4/27/17

The Pentagon has completed its temporary take over of the U.S. Government and is increasing its war against the "Deep State" CIA and NAZIS.

These are the factions who killed JFK and began their long term takeover and ruination of America under Bush, Clinton and Obama.

Notice that Trump has hired many Military Generals to help him defeat this cabal which is being financially starved by the world who found out their long term plan to infiltrate and take over America and kill 90% of Humanity as part of a secret Vatican Program to restore the Roman Empire under the title of the New World Order.

If you weren't sure what was going on, which was hard for many to figure out, this is what it is all about.

Source: Rumor Mill News

NESARA Colored Flyer Documents 3.15.14

Time to start handing these out to the un-awaken.

"A Gratefully Sincere Thank you" by (Anonymous) - 4.28.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:54 AM EDT on April 28, 2017

Thank You to Yosef and OWKs (Richard) and Bruce and Ray and Frank too for hanging in there and still bringing us some Intel, against all odds and with push back from the Establishment.

Thank you to Patrick and the other Sites for making that Intel available and easy to consume.

We grumble and complain (often way too much), but we are deeply grateful for all you do.

A Deep and Sincere Thank You.


"Aware vs. Unaware" by anami - 4.28.17

Entry Submitted by anami at 2:38 AM EDT on April 28, 2017

In reference to this: "Conscious vs. Un-Conscious" - One Who Believes - 12.28.16

These treatises into mechanics of consciousness are great, as far as the Realm of Mind. This one is informative and accurate. I'd like to verge off, heading further...

Almost everything we read on IDC (IntelDinarChronicles) is set firmly in Mind. But this is not Ascension; this hasn't yet reached the jump-off point to begin the remarkable journey...

They say that, either we've been living in a system of higher and lower Realms forever, with Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitions and truly Spiritual Planes (just as a beginning!); OR, we have been living in a Prison Planet, with ruling "Elite" leading the masses around, while they have been directed by malevolent ETs.

They say that the three major religions have malevolently had their core writings "edited" or even "fictionized" to suit the Control of the masses by the "Elite". These "religions" have then indoctrinated the masses to "go and do the same", leading them to go into Stockholm Syndrome, as these followers then exert "peer pressure" on others. This looks like prison Trustees, given trust by the jailer and often becoming the betrayer of their peers.

Let's keep in mind that the Elite use mind control, social pressure, physical violence and Power to control others. If you threaten others, you are still in the fight. And it's impossible to tell if you are a Controller or you think you are *fighting* the Controllers.

But it doesn't matter. You have become engaged in the battle of "good and evil". If you understand that one principle in "The Secret", you have read that you cannot "fight against" any thing, because you become trapped down at that lower level by that engagement. Stop fighting! Rise up to the next level and fill yourself with Divine Love.

Here's the trick: you must arise out of the Mind level, the "normal human" level; you must take the next step. Leave this level that the Elite have pounded into you. Let the Personality and Identity become quiet. Be still and allow The Divine to fill your heart, your Being, and let yourself feel the rhythm of the Divine, which lies all around you and within you (and all things). Be at peace.

That next step is transformative. That step naturally brings peace, love and simplicity. Some call this simplicity "humility". You don't need to broadcast to others all your great accomplishments, your great abilities, because the Bliss of The Divine is more than enough.

If even one person sees this column and responds, (please!) in just a simple way, this might be that Hundredth Monkey that we need to bring a wave of Divine Love here in this Community (thank you, Patrick!).

Let us step away from the dogma of the SlaveMasters; step away from the "New Age" entanglements of more and greater Mind, entanglements of personal "power" and threats and braggadocio.

It's not enough to just bring Love; let Divine Love come through and wash away the personal, the Ego, the Control and the Power.

There are those that have to Do; those that *don't* have to Do; those that Think; those that *don't* have to Think; those that have to Be; those that *don't* have to Be.

I can no longer say where The Divine ends and I begin...

"Re-per-ceive-value" by AAnonymousStep4 - 4.28.17

Entry Submitted by AAnonymousStep4 at 12:51 AM EDT on April 28, 2017

Disclaimer: the below represents supposition and conjecture which are not enough to create a fact or a presumption of fact. 

for any right(s) given due to protect should any liability arise from third party contextual observations used to draw speculation about fact(s) waiver is given

Top .6% (42 million) hold 39.3% of the wealth (
This statistic is used a lot. I have no first hand knowledge of it, but I believe it. Equitable? In fact is it not true that this is only possible in "equity" if the lower 99.4% of the population have "agreed," to it? How else could it be fair? What man or woman could have more claim to Earth than another?

794.6 million are undernourished (world
this statistic isn't waved around as much, I have no firsthand knowledge of it, and I believe it is under-reported with clearer distinctions that can be made between mal-nourished and starving. Even if the top 20% of the population had 39.3% of the wealth and there were only 20,000,000 (20 Million) people starving... for me that would be enough to know that here on Earth, unfairness was being if not accepted was at least being tolerated with much too much vanity.

to add to that, I am fairly certain that this top .6% is almost never in any danger of physical harm from any of the 99.4% that labors so far beneath them, however for the reverse situation of getting in the way of the top .6% expect to maybe find yourself, bankrupt, homeless, permanently out of work, permanently investigated by the IRS, publicly humiliated and perhaps worse? Perhaps I have no first hand knowledge of this, at least if I do very little, but I lean towards believing this. (not to say there are not any in that group that would spare one of the lower 99.4% total destruction, but I have no idea who they are or how they got there, maybe their hand is forced, I have no idea)

...add to this a myriad of intentional scheming and occurences by enemies littered throughout localities, and the world...
I have litle firsthandknowledge of. Even the intentional perversion, harm and consumption of what we are most proud and what gives us the greatest joy? Again, not a lot of first hand knowledge, but again I tend to believe this.

...too much relying on third party information...

Median annual household income worldwide is $9733, and the median per-capita income worldwide is $2920 (

Where does the problem lay? is it in the Public? Is there more that can be expected out of a neighbor? Is it not true that the war destroyed Iraq's currency over a decade ago?
BRICS and AIIB really happened right?
computers were changed from SWIFT to CHPS right?
Puerto Rico went into default right?
Brexit really happened right? (what about Scotland?)
Does what happened with the Daokota access pipeline figure into all this?
Did a casino owner get elected in what our people think of as the greatest country ever formulated on the face of the planet?
Is there really a treasury in Reno?
Is there really a move to SDR as world reserve currency?


p.s. thanks Bruce, Rayren, Frank steady as she goes, thanks Ptrck for this list, thanks Dghtr of Terra, bigup to PineCone for the posts, to OWK aka Obi-Wan Kenobi may the force be with you and all of us


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